In many ways, it is probably the oddest Osprey book of them all. I refer, of course, the to the leather-bound Men-at-Arms: A Celebration.


In actual fact, 42 of these books were printed. One sits in the Osprey archive, another in the collection of Martin Windrow. The other forty, individually numbered, all signed by Martin Windrow, were put up for sale in a silent auction last year with a minimum bid of £200.

But the story of these Celebrations doesn\'t end there. While 38 of the numbered 40 now sit in private collections all over the world - two remain here, on my shelf.

The first was recovered during a raid on the Marketing Director\'s office. It is not clear how it ended up there, but we\'ve adopted a don\'t ask, don\'t tell approach. The other went on a strange tour of Malaysia and ended up back here.

These two books are now scheduled to be making the show tour with us next year, where they will be for sale, priced at £200. However, should anyone want one for a last second Christmas present, drop me a line and we\'ll see what we can do:

[email protected]