One of the great aspects of working at Osprey is the amount of military stuff that filters through the office: magazines, models, wargames, and books. But a few weeks ago, I received something a little different from a Canadian company called icardz.

icardz (which stands for \'information cards\') is a new company which has started out by producing several series of World War II collector cards. The same size as American baseball cards, the cards cover a variety of personalities, equipment, and events. Each features a colourized photograph on the front. Some of these photos are classic shots, but many were new to me. On the back, you get a little bit of info.

So far, the company has produced card sets for Canada at War and America at War. The later includes a special Band of Brothers series, including all of the soldiers made famous by the book and T.V. series.

So what are they for? Well apart from the obvious fun of collecting cards, I believe these cards could be a great way to teach a little history to reluctant children. As the husband of a primary school teacher, I can say with some degree of confidence, schoolboys will love these!

Check out some samples:

von rundstedtband of brotherspanzer 4