Enduring the commercials on television the other day, I thought how far the Nintendo Wii game system has come in terms of reality. One can recreate practically any movement, in practically any situation. So how could the gaming companies widen their appeal into the nostalgia market using these new-fangled hand controllers?

They could create a game in which one could become a virtual blacksmith hammering shoes to fit a feisty horse; or a virtual Hansom Cab driver plying the streets of London; and what about the pleasures of a virtual picnic followed by punting? The possibilities are endless.

Of course the game-making companies, and the game-buying public in general would prefer to annihilate zombies and fight wars against evil mutants, but think of the numbers of new customers they might attract with new virtual games and hobbies, such as virtual archaeology, virtual timber-frame construction, and virtual coal mining!

As for myself, I think I would rather enjoy a good game of virtual allotmenting - all of the fun and none of the dirt!