Way back in April we offered you the chance to vote on a list of books, to choose which ones you would like to see reprinted. At the time we were hoping to turn this into a regular feature - offering you a list of possible titles every month and letting you fight it out to decide which books we should reprint first. But, it turned out to be more complicated than we had originally envisaged - and it quickly emerged that we would not be able to work on a tight enough schedule to offer you a monthly list of books.

Rather than the two or three month turnaround that we were hoping for, the immense pressure on our reprints team with our already packed reprints schedule meant that slipping in just a few books every month was really tough.

In the end we persevered, and finally the books that you voted for have been reprinted and have just landed in our warehouse.

At the end of the vote, three books were clear leaders over the rest of the pack - each separated by only a handful of votes, but well ahead of the chasing pack. Because these three books were so close to call we decided to reprint all three of them.

And the winners are:

Aircraft of the Aces 2 Bf109 Aces of North Africa
Elite 63 German Mountain and Ski Troops
MAA 235 The Army of Gustavus Aldolphus

Thanks again for taking the time to vote on this