As some of you may remember we had a series of Hitlist Meetings at the end of last year in which we bounced round ideas for the years ahead. Editors, Sales, Marketing and a few extras and discussed hot topics, submissions that had already come in and what you had asked for on our blog. Plenty of ideas were discussed including the ones you suggested and the relevant Editors went away to think them through and work out where authors might come from (always the hardest part).

With a lot of your suggestions there is no feedback apart from watch this space but here are a few snippets I picked up for you, roughly in the order they were asked for in the last post. The book on the Aichi Type 99 Carrier Bomber (D3A), codename 'Val' has been a long time coming from the author but the current date is the end of 2011.

We don't have a Duel coming on the Typhoon but Combat Aircraft 86 will cover Typhoon Wings over Normandy after the D Day invasions. This will be out in September 2010.

For all series we are broadening the range of nation's aircraft that we publish books on. There will be more on Japanese and Soviet aircraft and the Italians will be represented by two volumes, an Aircraft of the Aces on the Fiat CR.32 Aces of the Spanish Civil War (July 2010) and an Aviation Elite Units on 53 Stormo in October 2010. 

V1 Doodlebug busting is already represented in Griffon Spitfire Aces but there is probably more we can do. Fw 190 Dora Aces will be covered as part of Aircraft of the Aces 92 - Fw190 Defence of the Reich Aces coming in December 2010. We are looking closely at Soviet aircraft of World War II/ The Great Patriotic War but to warm-up we'll start with Polikarpov I-15, I-16 and I-153 Aces due out in May.

And F-16 Units? Well we have some books already but there will be another one out. You'll just have to wait until November 2011.

As for the rest your feedback has been discussed, the usual limitations of commercial viability and author availability have been applied and if there is any news I'll make sure you know!