As ever we are working as hard as possible on bringing as many of our books back into stock as possible so here I am again with a list of books that we have brought back into stock this month. In fact, I am hoping that this is only Part 1 of the list of February titles because we have another batch of books due to arrive in our warehouses any day now - but they seem to have been delayed somewhat, I am not sure if they have run into yet more snow, or been hijacked by pirates, but they should be here soon.

That aside, there are some great books in this first batch, including one of our bestselling titles of all time, ACE 1 Mustang Aces of the Eighth Air Force - and Men-At-Arms 183 Modern African Wars (1) - because we reprinted it a few months ago, and it flew off the shelves faster than we thought possible. So if you missed out for any reason - here it is, back in print once again!

Aircraft of the Aces 1 Mustang Aces of the 8th Air Force

Aircraft of the Aces 26 Mustang & Thunderbolt Aces

Aviation Elite Units 8 352nd Fighter Group

Elite 14 The British Army in the 1980s

Elite 16 NATO Armies 1949-87

Elite 48 Nelson's Navy

Elite 64 Army Commandos 1940-45

Elite 128 Samurai Commanders (2)

Elite 170 Special Operations Forces in Iraq

Men-At-Arms 52 Royal Green Jackets

Men-At-Arms 56 Mexican-American War 1846-48

Men-At-Arms 59 The Sudan Campaigns 1881-98

Men-At-Arms 103 Germany's Spanish Volunteers

Men-At-Arms 112 British Battledress 1937-61

Men-At-Arms 125 The Armies of Islam 7th-11th Centuries

Men-At-Arms 183 Modern African Wars (1) Rhodesia

Men-At-Arms 191 Henry VIII Army

Men-At-Arms 212 Victoria's Enemies (1) Southern Africa

Men-At-Arms 303 Boer Wars (2)

Men-At-Arms 308 Louis XV's Army (4)

Men-At-Arms 338 The Kings German Legion (1)

Men-At-Arms 430 The Confederate Army (3)

New Vanguard 4 Churchill Infantry Tank

New Vanguard 78 Greek & Roman Siege Machinery

Warrior 14 Zulu 1816-1906

Warrior 31 Union Infantryman

Warrior 68 Continental Infantryman of the American Revolution