After more than a year and a half of planning, the first Command books arrived in the office today! I knew something was up, when a small horde of editors went charging past my desk.

It is probably the most exciting event in the Osprey calendar, the day when the first books of a new series arrive. It is the day that the work of so many people is finally rewarded with a physical product.

With my trusty camera-phone, I was able to nab a shot of many of the main culprits nervously flipping pages, praying they don\'t find any mistakes (none reported!).


From left to right: Tom, the in-house editor on the project, Julian, our design manager who created the cover design and interior layouts; Marcus from Ilios Publishing, the series editor; Kate, our Editorial Manager who oversees all new series, and Aurelie who handles the production tasks for Command.

A big thank you to all of these guys for making this new series happen. The first two titles: Napoleon Bonapate and Erich von Manstein are due out in May and can be pre-ordered on the website now.