That's right, Command our latest series is almost here. We have mentioned it on the blog a couple of times, but for anyone who might have missed out on the details, the premise behind Command is pretty simple. These are not simple biographies, the Command series looks at how the greatest military leaders of history adopted technology, battlefield tactics and training methods, or simply inspired their troops through their personality and leadership skills. They provide a critical examination of each commander's key victories, and his notable adversaries. Illustrated with detailed maps, tactical uniforms and our signature uniform artwork and battlescenes, each book explains exactly how and why these great leaders were able to carve their names into the annals of military history.

The first two books in the series look at Napoleon Bonaparte and Erich Von Manstein respectively. These books are already available to preorder here. The next two titles in the series (available to pre-order from March) delve into the military experiences of George Patton and Julius Caesar.

And, for the first time we can also reveal the fifth and sixth books in the series - CMD 5 Erwin Rommel and CMD 6 Toyotomi Hideyoshi - both of which will be available from July.

Over the next few weeks I will be revealing some more information about the series (including a list of titles arriving later in the year, and a sneak peak at what to expect from our 2011 titles). But, for the time being, here are the covers of the first 6 books!