Sometimes a book comes along that is so good and so perfect for Osprey fans, that we ask for permission to sell it, even though we didn\'t publish it. The Civil War Art of Keith Rocco is just such a book.

Published in the United States by Crimson Books (where all of our North American fans will need to order their copy), The Civil War Art of Keith Rocco is a 64-page treasure trove. Every two-page spread contains one full- page artwork and one smaller piece, backed up with relevant text.


The artwork is good. Really good. Actually, it\'s just great. Some of the artworks are figure plates with one or two soldiers, perfect for using as painting reference, thanks to the clearly identified regiments. Most of the rest are big battles scenes - incredibly detailed and atmospheric.

If you are interested in the American Civil War, I feel confident that you will love this book. Buy it from Crimson Books, buy it from us, buy it anywhere you can find it - but get this book in your collection - you will not regret it.