Portsmouth 017

James Futter is the Management Accountant for the Osprey Group which means that he is tasked with producing the month end management accounts, assists the Finance Director with budgets and forecasts required during the year, produce sales analysis on titles, series performance and trends. He also manages and reviews all of the work done by the Assistant Management accountant.

When I asked James to pick out his favourite Osprey book he picked this:


My favourite Osprey book is Raid 2 Israel\'s Lightning Strike - The Raid on Entebbe 1976. I\'ve worked at Osprey for over 8 years but it\'s rather shameful to say that before the Raid series came out I had never read an Osprey book from cover to cover. Although I have interests in certain aspects of military history and in certain battles I have always found Osprey books to be a bit too specialized and detailed for my particular interests.

When Raid was released I suddenly saw the opportunity to read my first Osprey book, here was a series that looked at some engrossing stories from both sides and gave the reader detailed analysis on background and strategy. Israel\'s Lightning Strike was a great read and although it was very detailed I found the book incredibly difficult to put down. Simon Dunstan provides great background information, examining the the Palestinian terror groups that were striking Israel and explaining the evolution of airline hijackings to give a solid background understanding of the history behind Entebbe whilst setting the scene for the Raid. He then goes on to plot a blow by blow account of the full operation.

In addition to the wonderful text there is some truly excellent graphic artwork in particular the double spread on the initial assault. Since reading this book I have gone on to read three other Raid books and if like me you have always found some Osprey books to be too specialized then go for the Raid series. They cover every aspect of the Raid set the scene have great artwork, Raid is truly a great series.