Joseph McCullough is the Marketing Coordinator for Osprey, and is now also one of our authors. Joe is primarily responsible for creating the Osprey catalogues, managing our reviews, curating the Osprey blog, looking after our website, creating leaflets and posters for our customers, writing book blurbs and checking book covers for errors. As an Osprey author, Joe is the proud father of Zombies: A Hunters Guide, which he wrote in his spare time last year.

He is on Twitter in his Zombie Hunter guise (you can follow him on @ZombieSoldiers) and can often be found painting miniatures... or starring in hit viral Youtube videos, as you can see below:

When I asked Joe what his favourite Osprey book was, he diligently and very modestly refused to pick his own Zombie book and instead picked this:


It\'s the Osprey book that makes you feel superior: The Military History Quiz Book.
I don\'t know if the Military History Quiz Book will make you smarter, but it will definitely make everyone else feel dumber, and at the end of the day, that\'s the same thing, right?
The key to using the book properly is to make sure you bring your own copy to parties, wargames night, weddings, whatever. You then become the Quizmaster and get to challenge all of your friends. It\'s irrelevant that you don\'t know the answers to half the questions you are asking, just so long as you look like you might.  If you need to look up an answer, just flip to the back, check the answer, and nod as though the book just confirmed what you already knew.
Believe me, it is HOURS of fun. At least for the Quizmaster.
And, if you happen to get caught out, and stuck in a situation where you desperately need access to the Quiz book, but you foolishly left it on a shelf at home, you can also get the Quiz book on your iphone, with our new, exciting Military History Quiz App, available now from itunes.