It is time for us to reveal the truth behind the rumour circulating around the internet.

Osprey are indeed releasing a book about Zombies this October!

Zombies: A Hunter's Guide is a project that a few of us in the office have been trying to get off the ground for a couple of years - an Osprey style treatment of Zombies, blending elements that are found in our Elite, Warrior and Men-at-Arms series into a Duel-sized Osprey book.

Lumbering into view just in time for Halloween, Zombies: A Hunter's Guide is a tongue-in cheek look at the ghoulish* world of zombies, complete with our signature Osprey-style artwork and analysis of the 'history' of Zombies and the equipment, weaponry and tactics that are best suited to dispatching these foul creatures.

A must for anyone on the frontlines of the Zombie Wars, this book is written by one of the world's foremost experts on Zombies, a gentleman who just happens to sit next to me for 7 hours a day and who is a familar face to anyone who regularly visits this blog. Thats right, Zombies: A Hunter's Guide is the first Osprey book written by our very own Joe!

I can't reveal too many details from the book just yet, or I risk Joe attacking me with his trusty machete, but I can post up the cover for this book. The image on the front is actually a night-vision photograph taken by Joe on one of his late night hunting expeditions to London, an image that our Raid cover illustrator Mariusz Kozik has re-coloured for us.


If you would like to follow Joe's exploits as he put the finishing touches to his book, and to the ocean of zombies slowly surrounding our office, why not follow him on Twitter -

* Mike actually misuses the word 'ghoulish' here. As most students of living-necrology are aware, 'Ghouls' are living cannibalistic creatures that have devolved from human beings and are generally faster and more intelligent than most zombie varieties. Mistaking a ghoul for a zombie in a combat situation could prove deadly. -Ed