9781849085205Next month we are publishing A History of the World in 100 Weapons, a superbly chunky book which tells the stories of the hundred definitive weapons whose effects have been the most revolutionary, changing the way war is waged and the very world we live in. As part of the lead up to the publication of the book I decided to use Twitter to reveal the 100 weapons that feature in the book.

If you are a Twitter fiend, why not check out @100_weapons and join in with the countdown?

But for all of you out there who do not use Twitter on a regular basis, here is a list of the first 50 books to feature in my list, in alphabetical order.

Let us know what you think - have we missed anything out so far? Any weapons you believe to be overrated?


 1)  A-10 Thunderbolt  
 2) AH-64 Apache  
 3) AIM-9 Sidewinder  
 4) Aircraft Carrier  
 5) AK 47  
 6) Atomic Bomb  
 7) B-17 Flying Fortress  
 8) B-52 Stratofortress  
 9) Baker Rifle  
 10) Ballisti
c Missiles  
 11) Bayonet  
 12) Bell UH-1  
 13) BGM-109 Tomahawk  
 14) Bow  
 15) Bronze Age Sword  
 16) Browning M2HB  
 17) Chariot  
 18) Ch
inese Rockets  
 19) Colt M1911  
 20) Crossbow  
 21) CSS Hunley  
 22) Dane Axe  
 23) Depth charge  
 24) Dreadnought  
 25) Dreyse needle gun  
 26) Early Cannon  
 27) Enfield Pattern 1853  
 28) English Longbow  
 29) Exocet  
 30) Explos
ive Shells  
 31) F-117 Nighthawk  
 32) F-15 Eagle  
 33) F-4 Phantom  
 34) FIM-92 Stinger  
 35) Flak 88  
 36) Flamethrower  
 37) Flint Axe  
 38) Flintlock  
 39) Fokker D VII 

 40) French 75mm 1897  
 41) Gatling Gun  
 42) Gladius  
 43) Greek Fire  
 44) Halberd  
 45) Hand Grenade  
 46) Harrier  
 47) Hoplite Dory  
 48) Howitzer  
 49) Improvised Explosive Devices  
 50) Ironclad