The new issue of Battlegames Magazine contains even more talk about Osprey than usual. I thought I would share a few highlights.

WAR 138: Rosevelt’s Rough Riders: ‘Filled with some excellent contemporary photographs, a useful chronology of the Rough Riders and some well-researched descriptions of their exploits, this is a valuable piece of scholarship as well as a thoroughly interesting read.’

WPN 3: Medieval Handgonnes:
‘I enjoyed reading this book immensely…I recommend this book to anyone interested in late medieval warfare’.

The Military History Quizbook
: ‘…a real boon to quizmasters…”

CAM 224: Mons Graupis AD83
: ‘…a good read and highlights a lot of useful information about the Roman invasion of northern Britain in the late first century AD.’

CAM 223: Operation Nordwind 1945: ‘Operation Nordwind is a fascinating read of a little known sector of the Western Front, which Steven Zaloga has clearly spent hours collating by going through first hand material, since the second had references simply don’t exist.

WAR 151: Samurai Women 1184-1877: ‘About time!’

And they even mentioned a book from our sister company, Shire Publications.

First World War Tanks
: ‘It contains enough to satisfy even someone knowledgeable about the first tanks, and is a very good introduction for newcomers…I would heartily recommend it for anyone with an interest in WWI ground warfare.