A month ago we sent out a plea to help us come up with a top five pre-gunpowder weapons to cover in the Weapon series. The response was brilliant - some really insightful suggestions, plus a couple of ideas that initially seemed like utter madness, but as we thought about them more and more seemed to make perfect sense for the series.

We then pulled out the most popular titles and put them into our monthly book vote to gauge wider opinion on the proposed titles. Again we have seen a really good response (even if I am desperately disappointed to see the Gladius lagging so far behind in the stakes).

The brilliant feedback that we have received on the Weapon blog has made us think that we should open this up, and let you tell us where you think we have missed a trick - where there are gaping holes in our coverage. Over the last couple of years we have filled some gaps which we would have never spotted without your help (The Chaco War, Brazilian Expeditionary Force in WW1, and Spanish Civil War Tanks all being prime examples).

So, from the beginning of December I will be posting up a monthly blog requesting a list of 5 suggestions for titles that we have missed in a particular series. We will then select the 5 most popular titles suggested and put them up for the public book vote. Of course though, even if a book does not win that monthly book vote, it is not going to just be tossed out of contention - all 5 books selected will still be considered for publication (if we can find the right author etc) - but it will help us determine which gaps need to be filled most urgently!

For this to work, we need you to support other suggestions where you agree with them - rather than getting as obscure as possible, because all of your original ideas have already been suggested. A book will only be taken through to the book vote if it appears to have a lot of fans, so support your favourites!

Don't put your suggestions down here.

Wait for the right moment.

The first series to be covered will be Campaign - in about two weeks time!