Fans of all things military and/or online shopping should spread the word about this website: This site specialises in ‘the sale and marketing of purely Ex Ministry of Defence vehicles, plant and equipment’. Some very cool stuff is available – motorbikes, tanks, recovery vehicles, helicopters (for the aviation fans) and Land Rovers to name but a few items.
Here at Osprey HQ we were alerted to this site’s existence by our Publishing Assistant and general life-saver Jules. It turns out that her husband, in a sleepy haze and after a glass of wine, spontaneously bid on a Land Rover that was being auctioned on the site. And he won. Apparently excuses about super-intelligent, computer-savvy nephews don’t wash with the lovely people at mod-sales, so a little while later Lawrence the Land Rover arrived, to retire from service in Cyprus to a calmer existence in a leafy Oxford suburb. The editorial team couldn’t resist the temptation to welcome Lawrence to Oxford, so we went up to meet him – he is a fine specimen and a great addition to Osprey’s extended family.

Owning unusual vehicles is definitely popular; Jeremy Clarkson had a Lightning jet fighter for a while and Chris Eubank is often seen driving around swanky parts of the UK in his (admittedly non-military) truck. So do let us know if you become an owner of anything interesting from this site, we’d love to see pictures!