By the time you read this, I will be on a bus heading to Heathrow. Traffic and weather permitting, by the early afternoon, I’ll be in the sky, heading for my homeland. I am more than a little bit excited. Sure, it will be nice to taste the Moutain Dew and catch a baseball game, but the main event is the United States biggest wargame convention, Historicon.

This year is a bit special for Osprey because we will be teaming up with our friends Ambush Alley Games to present Force on Force. We’ll have a big participation game going on so please come by and try out the new modern wargaming rules. We’ll also have copies of the new supplement, Enduring Freedom for sale.

So if you are going to be anywhere near the North East USA, come on by and check it out. There will be hundreds of wargames going on, loads of dealers, and most importantly a lot of fun.

I’m scheduled to play in a re-fight of the early American Civil War battle of Big Bethel. I’m hoping to command the 15th Virginia, which was led during the battle by my Great-great-great grandfather John Stewart Walker.

I’ll have an after show report upon my return!