A month ago I put up a blog about the Men-at-Arms series, and how I thought that after a bit of a lull, that we had been able to give it a new lease of life and that it was now going from strength to strength. At the end of the blog I promised that I was going to give you a sneak preview of what is planned in the Men-at-Arms series for 2011 (having already revealed all of the 2010 titles).

I am really sorry that it has taken me so long to get around to actually doing this - and thanks for all your patience - and thanks to anyone who emailed me to remind me to do this post! I do urge you to remember that this is all very rough - publication dates may change dramatically, this information maybe accurate today, but is subject to change. For example - at the moment the schedule has 3 Men-at-Arms titles coming out in September 2011 - which will probably change close to the time.

And here we go, the Men-at-Arms titles that we are publishing in 2011:

MAA 465 Brazilian Expeditionary Force in World War II (Available in March)
MAA 466 Armies of the Balkan Wars 1912-13 (Available in April)
MAA 467 American Indians of the Great Lakes (Available in April)
MAA 468 World War II Soviet Armed Forces (2) 1942-43 (Available in July)
MAA 470 Roman Centurions 753-31BC (Available in August)
MAA 471 Armies of the Adowa Campaign 1896 (Available in September)
MAA 472 Armies of the Irish Rebellion 1798 (Available in September)
MAA 473 New Zealand Expeditionary Force 1914-19 (Available September)
MAA 474 The Chaco War 1932-35 (Available in October)

And there you have it - 10 great books in another year of Men-at-Arms titles. As I mentioned in my previous post there are some great books on the horizon, but on a personal note there are two titles which I am over the moon about.

MAA 465 Brazilian Expeditionary Force in World War II was born on our website - a suggestion that kept on cropping up, we put it up for the monthly book vote. It won by an absolute landslide - and when it did the authors got in touch with us and offered to write it. All of your suggestions, comments on forums, blogs etc have helped us to get this book published - and I am really proud of that fact!

I am similarly chuffed to see MAA 474 The Chaco War turning up on our publishing schedule because it also continously appears as a request on our blogs, forums, emails, post bags - and even on places like TMP. And when we went to the last hit list meeting we begged for it to be published - and our great editorial team have gone out and done exactly that.

I also can't wait to see the Adowa artwork - warriors dressed in lion pelts etc!
So what do you think of our 2011 line-up, and which of the books are you most looking forward to?

Next month as we prepare for our upcoming hitlist meeting we will be posting up a series of blogs asking what subjects we should cover in our main series - including Men-at-Arms, so if you don't see what you want on this list - we will be giving you the chance to let us know soon!