For those of you who don’t know of its existence, Euro Militaire is one of, if not THE, premiere military and figure modelling event in the world. Held annually in Folkstone, Kent (England), this show brings together some of the most talented military and figure artists, sculptors, painters and kit producers from around the world. This year it is being run on the 17th-18th September at The Leas Cliff Hall in Folkstone. Advance tickets are sold out but you can collect your one day or two day ticket on the door. Don’t worry – it is a big hall so no worries about a lockout here!



Air brushes 2b,3b 4b & 5b

Armour Models 55-57

Artbox/Mantis Miniatures 27

Avid Reader 88-89

Azimut Productions 48-50

The Basement 81a

Badger Airbrush 42,43 & 44

Bonapartes 10-11

Black Dog CZ 51

Britnell Bases 95-96

Case-Mate UK 1-4

Craft Lighting 79-80

De Luxe models 41

Dan Taylor Model Works102-102a

DB Models 30-31

Discount Lighting Stands 79-80

Des Kit 87a-87b

El Greco 66, 67 & 68

Frank Miniatures 45-46

Firefly Models 86

Great North Roads 103

Hawk Miniatures 9

Historex 63-65

Imperial Gallery 13

Inside the Armour 58

Just Bases 69

Kit Krazy 91

LSA Models 14,15 & 16

MMK Models 52

M Model 25-26

MGD Models 39-40

Maurice Corry 54

Military Modelcraft International 35 & 36

Miniatures Mantis 27

Mr. Models 81-83

Name it! 8

Optum Sylmasta 61-62

Osprey Publishing 70-73

Oakwood Studios 37

Pegaso 21-24, 32-33

Pol Models 76

Progressive Engineering 104

Reality in Scale 5,6 & 7

Roger Saunders (Hornet & Wolf) 47

Discount Lighting Stands 79-80

Scale 75 28

SPB Miniatura 87

Scale Link 5-7

SK Miniatures 17,18 & 38

Sparta Modelbau 77-78

Storm Troopers 59-60

U Models 34

Tony Shop 74-75

Treemendus 53

Victory Miniatures 12

Void Models 84-85

YS Masterpiece 20

There are a few reasons why most people go to these sort of shows. One is the social aspect, but the other is the competition. All contestants at the show dream of winning the major prize - “The Euro Militaire 2011 Best in Show.” Which is a world renowned modellers award, and in the past has gone to some amazing entries. I am blown away at the quality of the entries on display here at this show, and at the fact they just seem to get better every year. With 4000 people estimated for a two day event this show just keeps on getting more popular. 'The Dragon Slayer' figure by Chris Clayton. Won last year


The other side of this event is the social side and the meeting of your heroes – people like David Zabrocki, Dave Maddox and Rob Hendon will be attending, as will representatives from such companies like Pegaso, Historex,, Mantis Miniatures, Simon from Great North Roads, MXPression with their new airbrushing DVDS and Badger airbrushes to name a few – and maybe a company you may have heard of called Osprey Publishing will be there too. With a stack of books for your take home reading! I’ll be there and I will do a report on the event for you all with lots of pictures. The guys from MXPression will have their new Figure painting DVD on sale at the Historex stand – come and say Hi to Harold!!


Alexander Miniatures from Italy brings us a 75mm White metal sculpt of Markos Botsaris, [Kit no AM75-09] who was a famous hero of the Greek Independence who was immortalised in the painting here called funnily enough “Title: Markos Botsaris 1874” by Artist Jean-Leon Gerome. See if you can pick out the few subtle differences the sculptor and figure painter have made – it’s a pretty dead on work!

The picture


The Figure




In 75mm scale this thirteen piece white metal kit and two piece resin kit was sculpted by Paul B. Deheleanu and painted in this case by Danilo Cartacci. I was amazed when I saw the picture how good this was.


The next figure I want to show you from Alexander Miniatures is their other figure new this month called “Miles Legio X, 57-58 B.C.” - kit no [AM75-05]. Sculpted by Yury Serebryakov this white metal figure in 75mm scale again features a soldier of the roman army from the Gallic wars. This fifteen piece figure comes with the choice of helmet clad legionnaire or bare picture how god this was.



This figure was painted by Ugo Solvino shows off the detail that Alexander figures pride themselves on and that won them many kit of the year awards for the last few years in several places. Both kits are available at the Alexander Miniatures site.


Maurice Corry Miniatures ( have a great offer for anyone going to the Euro Militaire show this weekend – “From the 10th of August 2011 and up to the end of the show at Euro Militaire, as a token of thanks to our customers who have supported us this year we will be offering a free gift for any purchases over £25 made via our website and at the show. One free gift per customer.” Free! 75mm Code FR75 Resin Officer 4th Queens Own Light Dragoons Crimea 1854 sculpted by Maurice Corry.




The latest release from Maurice Corry Miniatures is the excellent 75mm resin figure “Medieval Crossbowman” Sculpted by peter Morton this resin figure is seen reclining on a stair of a castle keep around the year 1350AD. It says on the info that the best crossbowman were from Genoa, Gascony and the Low Countries. You could easily imagine this kit painted and detailed beautifully. The figure of course comes with the stairs the bowman is sitting on – all this for £21?? Wow! And their free gift – I need to visit these guys!



Just in time for Euro Militaire come the September releases from Andrea miniatures. This month’s batch is varied and covers everything from a7th Cavalry soldier – through to a Viking warrior. Let’s have a close look at them…


First of all we have the white metal kit containing four parts in 1/32 (or 54mm scale in the old money) - called simply "US CAVALRY CAPTAIN" (S14-F03) - this set features a civil war cavalryman complete with his long pistol in it’s equally long holster with its owner looking worn and tired from travelling in the saddle. The union soldier sports a long moustache and in this case has been made “alive” by master painter Julio Cabos.


Sculpted by Raul Fernandez and this instance painted by Elias Alonso this kit are currently available at their site painted and unpainted.


SV-04 - “Winter Is Coming” from the Vikings series has a Norse warrior brandishing a large wooden shield and drawing his sword. The sculptor Joaquin Palacios has billowed his cape to make the look of a windy scene while the warrior goes into battle.


Julio Cabos has expertly painted this figure, though the kit could support many colours and schemes this one looks great – again this kit is available from the Andrea Miniatures site painted and unpainted.

To all of you people planning to visit and to all of you planning not to have a great weekend! I will bring pictures of the events this weekend to show you what goes on at Euro Militaire – Be safe - and enjoy your modelling!