2011-08-16 08.56.56

Having just arrived back in the office after a week away on holiday, what did I happen to find on my desk? Advance copies of Tomorrow’s War, the science-fiction rule set that has had the wargaming world buzzing for several months!

While it is true that I’ve seen all of the individual pages of the book as it was being produced, there is something very different about holding the finished book in your hands. For one thing, it made me realize just how chunky a book it is! At over 250 pages, it is by far the biggest wargaming product we’ve ever produced. It is also the most beautifully designed. Filled with future-military artwork by a variety of artists, a load of photographs of nicely painted miniatures, not to mention a bunch of cool maps, it’s a seriously fun book to flip through before you start to read the text.

So what about the game itself? Well, I’m in the process of sending out review copies to all of the major wargaming magazines and websites. Hopefully reviews will start popping up soon so you can get an independent opinion on the rules.

While the basic mechanics are similar to those used in Force on Force, the various technological advances introduce a huge variety of new tactical challenges and scenarios. The rules cover everything from advanced versions of the robot drones that are just being tested on modern battlefields to gigantic cybernetic hover tanks (should you be so inclined).

Keep watching this space for more details.

2011-08-16 08.56.56