Over the last couple of years we have been asked numerous times to develop an aviation series which follows the rough format of our New Vanguard series - focusing on technological information rather than the more narrative books that we currently do. Aircraft of the Aces, Combat Aircraft, Duel and Aviation Elite Units are all great series, and will continue to be a central part of our aviation plans - but we can see the points being made - they are primarily about the combat, the pilots, the dogfights - and any design, development and technological information is discussed quite briefly.

So, since the beginning of the year we have been looking into creating a new aviation series to fill in this gap, a series that covers the technical details and development history of some of the most important military aircraft ever flown.

And we would like your help with creating the best possible series template! We want to know what it is that you want from the series, from how long each book should be right through to what type of artwork you would like each book to contain and which aircraft you would like covered first. To that end we have created a short survey for all of you aviation fans out there to fill in. The survey should take you no more than 10 minutes.

To say thank you for filling in the survey, we are offering to display the names of each and every person who takes part on our blog (if you want us to of course!).

We will also randomly pick 5 people who took part, who will get their names in the front of the very first volume in the series. One of those 5 customers will also win £100 worth of Osprey books.


Take part in the survey here!