Osprey are very excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new aviation series - Air Vanguard!


Air Vanguard represents an exciting new venture in aviation publishing for Osprey, moving away from the more narrative based Aircraft of the Aces and Combat Aircraft titles and embarking on a series of more technically minded books. As the name of the series suggests, this new series is cut from the same cloth as the technical military series New Vanguard, and provides a similar technical overview of machines, and how they developed technically throughout their combat history.

The series has been heavily influenced by you - the Osprey customers - following a fantastic response to a customer survey that we ran a few months ago. The results of the survey has shaped the level of detail included in the book, the specific types of artwork to appear in the books, as well as a couple of extra little surprises that should set pulses racing.

More exciting details will follow in coming days, but the basic facts are that the first books in the series will be hitting bookshops around the world in September this year. They will be a little longer than our NVG titles, weighing in at 64 pages, and will cost £11.99 and US $18.95 respectively.