Allies at Dieppe: 4 Commando and the US Rangers, the first in our new line of digital only books, is now available!

Written by celebrated author Will Fowler, Allies at Dieppe: 4 Commando and the US Rangers tells the fascinating history of that fateful landing. The heroic, ultimately unsuccessful, landings of the British and Canadians tends to be the focus of much of the history of those bloody French beaches in August 1942. Fowler's work seeks to redress the balance, and draws out the extraordinary story of 4 Commando and the US Rangers who, in contrast to the failing of the raid as a whole, achieved their objectives and destroyed the guns that threatened the landings. 

A great success in a day of disasters, the US Rangers' contribution was America's first land action on mainland Europe in World War Two, and showed the brilliant leadership and comprehensive operational planning vital to success. 

Read Will Fowler’s blog entry for more information about the author’s experience in writing military history, and details of walking tours Dieppe to mark the 70th anniversary.

Discover how 4 Commando and the US Rangers prevailed on this historic day; Allies at Dieppe is available now!