Earlier today, a select group of hand-picked books rolled hot from the presses and onto our website! It's small, but it should whet your appetite for the HUGE back in stock blog coming in just a few short weeks. Watch this space...

ELI 152: The British Reconnaissance Corps in World War II

ELI 153: The Australian Army in World War II

MAA 287: Byzantine Armies AD 1118–1461

WAR 122: Jagdflieger: Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot 1939-45

WAR 139: Byzantine Cavalryman c.900–1204

COM 74: Junkers Ju 87 Stukageschwader of the Russian Front

DUE 19: Constitution vs Guerriere

MAA 448: Irish-American Units in the Civil War

CAM 124: Fair Oaks 1862  (US only)