Contrary to public opinion - there is a Command title coming out in 2013. But unfortunately just the one. Before I dip into the reasons for this, lets give this one last title a respectful seeing off.

CMD 30 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (Jul 2013)

As many of you have noticed. this means that the Command series is sadly being phased out. This was a very difficult decision to take, particularly after the series had such an encouraging start to its existence. The initial batch of books all sold really well, and seemed to tick all the right boxes for the people who picked them up. There were some exceptions - for some reason Hideyoshi and Garibaldi in particular were disappointing sellers, but by and large Command had a good first year. However, after this warm reception it soon became clear that unless the book was a WW2 title on a major, well-known commander it was likely to sell quite poorly, and even those that sold well within the series were outperformed by most of the titles in other series.

We are very sad to see the series coming to an end, quite a large group of us worked on the Command concept for a number of years before the series launched and have worked non-stop on the creation, writing, illustration, promotion and selling of the Command books. It is also sad to see the curtain come down on such a fan-favourite series - we know that there are a lot of people out there who had high hopes for the series and had supported the series from the start. Unfortunately there simply were not enough of you. Thank you for your support of Command over the last couple of years.

Finally, just to put some other rumours to rest - the demise of Command has nothing to do with the launch of other series. I know that in particular there have been rumblings about Myths and Legends taking away from our other series - this is simply not the case. We are however launching a new military history series in 2013 (details to follow) - but this had been planned to launch long before the decision was taken to stop commissioning new Command titles.