When we first set about designing a new series way back in February, we thought we'd ask you our loyal Osprey fans what you'd like to be in it.

Your results came flooding in, and with the latest in rudimentary Excel skills we pulled them together in the form of some sexy graphs! Really, no one else enjoys graphs? In any case, the results of the survey were very interesting, and really have shaped our news series Combat. So we'd thought we'd share the results with you

For those of you not completely besotted with pie-charts, keep an eye on our blog where we'll be releasing some very early artwork...

favourite series

Campaign and Men-at-Arms are clear frontrunners here, with 34% and 31% respectively, while fans of Command and Raid were far fewer.

favourite period

Squint and you'll be able to read it! World War II is clearly the winner for the favourite period of military history, with Ancient, Medieval and Napoleonic fighting a close battle for second place.

According to our results, the new series should focus upon analysis of tactical successes and failures, while descriptions of weapons and detailed battle narratives vie for attention in second place. Strangely, the stories of individual soldiers and combat histories of units were less desired, instead a generalized history of combat.


Down to the illustrations! Quite tightly contested this one, but Tactical Maps and Diagrams win it, with Photographs close behind.

deadliest warrior

Deadliest Warrior anyone? Apparently not, since only 4% of you voted for Ninja vs Aztec. The rest of the answers were pretty much split down the middle, with 48% wanting strict history, while 47% were a bit more flexible if the two forces might have face one another.


And now, to name our new series. Combat was the clear winner, so that's what we called it. Here's a few of the names that didn't get to the shortlist:

Soldier vs Soldier
Face to Face
Men to men (not to be confused with Boyz II Men)
In Action
Deadliest Warrior
Clash of Arms
Heat of Battle
Face-off (not the Nicholas Cage/John Travolta film)
Just call it Duel!

So there we are! The question remains, do you agree with the findings? And just for fun, any other names you can think of?