The Elite series has had a great couple of years recently - even if it does remain one of the most questionably named series in our list and has evolved over recent years into a much more relaxed series containing a number of mini-subjects under the one heading. Tactics books.... I'm looking at you!

Lets get the chutes on and jump into action with the 2013 Elite titles!

ELI 188 Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry Tactics (Jul 2013)

ELI 191 Italian Navy and Air Force Elite Units and Special Forces 1940-45 (Jan 2013)

ELI 192 World War II Tactical Camouflage Techniques (Feb 2013)

ELI 193 World War II Winter and Mountain Warfare Tactics (Apr 2013)

ELI 195 World War II River Assault Tactics (Sep 2013)

ELI 197 Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces since 1991 (Aug 2013)

ELI 198 US World War II Parachute Infantry Regiments (Sep 2013)


A pretty good list in there. And can I just point out that we are doing a book on modern Russian Security Forces and Paramilitary Forces. Ok? So please please stop asking for it (or similar variations thereof)  in our Book Suggestion drop box. Please? A couple of hundred requests is enough...honest!

Are you one of the serial Modern Russian forces requesters? Or are you looking forward to one of our other Elite titles more? Let us know!