We might have had a bit of a rest last month whilst we started our reveal of 2013 titles, but after a few weeks for you to revive your brain cells and freshen up in time for our next Filling the Gaps blog post. But before I launch into the blog proper there is something that I do need to explain. Over the last few weeks we have received dozens of emails from customers asking why the suggestions and subsequent book votes have apparently not had any impact upon what we are publishing in 2013. The answer is just a matter of timing - the bulk of our 2013 list had been finalized months ago and we are actually now in the midst of commissioning our 2014 list. So, I know it is a while to wait - but keep an eye out for your suggestions emerging as Osprey products in the future. We do still need to find the right authors, the right information etc so it is not a done deal, but we will do our best.

Over the last few months, we have been asking you to help us fill the large holes in our coverage for particular series, and you've responded with some brilliant (and wide ranging) suggestions. In the first few months we covered Warrior, Campaign, Elite, New Vanguard and Men-at-Arms, Combat Aircraft , Weapon series, and finally the we also covered Duel.

This month we would like you to submit your ideas for the Raid series. It is still early days for the Raid series, but you can still help us shape the future of the series. As ever, we would like you to suggest five books which you think would fill the glaring gaps in our coverage of history in the  Raid series - an excellent chance to be creative with your historical knowledge. Rank these suggestions from 1-5 (with 1 being your favourite) and post them in the comments section below.

We will then have a look at the suggestions, select the 5 most popular suggestions and put them up for the public vote in our book vote.

For this to work we need you to support the titles that you see. It doesn't matter if someone has already suggested the 5 titles you were going to suggest. Post them up anyway and support the suggestions made by others, rather than getting increasingly obscure with your suggestions.


And don't worry if your favourite suggestion doesn't actually win the final book vote - we won't cast aside those ideas immediately, rather it will provide an idea of how urgently we need to fill those gaps.

So start commenting now with your Raid series suggestions!