Knight: The Warrior and the World of Chivalry by Robert Jones – ‘…very reasonably price for a book of this kind…’ and ‘Where the book really comes into its own for wargamers is in its treatment of subjects like raising armies, sieges, capture and ransom, chivalry and its application in reality, small unit taMW348_500-e1331316622127ctics and so on.’

The Spanish Army in North America 1700-1793
by Rene Chartrand – ‘(the author) has conducted extensive research in original Spanish, Mexican and American archives, so this volume should stand as an authoritative account…’

The Napoleonic Art of Keith Rocco – ‘I imagine that any military history enthusiast will be as pleased as I was to acquire (the book)  for their shelf…’

Prussian Napoleonic Tactics 1792-1815 by Peter Hofschroer – ‘Highly recommended…for a general appreciation of combined arms in the Napoleonic wars, look no further.’

Desert Rat 1940-43 by Tim Moreman – ‘What a cracking book this one is!’