Once again, I've gone onto the servers without telling the editors and swiped a couple of pieces of artwork due to come out in books later this year.   Soem of these may have a bit of work still to do getting colours sorted out, but I thought everyone might enjoy these sneak peaks!

WAR 162 Plate 6


First up is this soon to be classic shot from artist Sean O'Brogain.  It comes from WAR 162: Roman Republican Legionary 298-105BC which is due out this month!


Thanks to millions of plastic green army men, the Bazooka became one of the most widely recognized weapons of the twentieth century.  Our book WPN 18: The Bazooka is due out in June and includes this tank-hunting shot by Johnny Shumate!

ELI 129 Plate 1

Finally, we've got more World War II Americans laying down fire in this shot by Peter Dennis from ELI 129: World War II US Cavalry Groups: European Theater due out in July!