In August Osprey Publishing will be releasing the first two titles in the new Osprey Wargames series.  We’ve just finalized the covers for the launch titles and thought people might like to have a look.

Every book in the series is a complete, stand-alone war game. Produced in the standard Osprey series format, each book will contain 64 pages and be fully illustrated with miniatures photography and Osprey artwork.  The books will retail for £11.99/$17.95.

A World Alfame

Often called the ”Pulp Era”, the years between the two World Wars have seen a tremendous surge in interest among wargamers. A World Aflame captures the adventurous nature of the time period to present a fun, fast-paced set of tabletop miniatures rules that can handle the many diverse conflicts of the period, from the Chinese Civil Wars and the “Great Game” in Central Asia, to the Irish War of Independence and the bitter ideological warfare of the Russian and Spanish Civil Wars. The rules also contain options for the ‘Very British Civil War’. Written by a life-long wargamer, A World Aflame focuses on the derring-do and heroism of battles fought in the last great era of adventure.


The Dark Age of Britain, from the middle of the 4th century to the end of the 8th, was a time of violence and warfare, when charismatic warlords such as the fabled King Arthur could gather together armies and carve out their own kingdoms. With this new set of wargames rules, players can take on the role of these warlords and command their own armies on the tabletop. Written by the author of the popular Glutter of Ravens rules set, Dux Bellorum is an element-based system, where each base of figures represents 50 fighting men. Each player has a specific number of points with which to construct his force and can choose a Late Roman, Romano-British, Welsh, Saxon, Pictish, Irish, or Sea Raider army, amongst others. The game is then played out following a set of simple, fast-paced rules. A completely self-contained gaming system, Dux Bellorum is perfect for gamers who are looking for a way into fighting Dark Age battles without investing a lot of time or money in larger rulesets.