One of the reasons for the slight delay in posting up information about our 2013 list (for which I received a quite regular scolding on our forums) was that we were actually a tiny bit behind where we usually like to be in our commissioning schedule - understandable consider all of the fantastic work being put into new series and exciting (and to me rather incomprehensible) work on XML workflows that will change the way our books come into existence. Raid is one of the series that has been affected by this - and because of that the Raid list looks a little light for the year. In actual fact there is at least one more 2013 title that will be added to the list but we are just waiting for bits of paper to be signed, i's to be dotted and t's to be crossed.

But we are plunging forward nonetheless...

Raid 37 Blackbeard's Last Fight - Pirate Hunting in North Carolina 1718 (Jun 13)

Raid 38 The Fall of Eben Emael - Belgium 1940 (Feb 13)

Raid 39 Takur Ghar - The SEALs and Rangers on Roberts Ridge (Mar 13)

Raid 40 Kill Hitler - Operation Valkyrie 1944 (May 13)

Raid 41 Tombstone - Wyatt Earp, the OK Corral and the Vendetta Ride (Jun 13)

Raid ??? ???? (late 13) *details to be released asap!*


So what do you think so far? I am currently just working out how much I would have to bribe one of our artists to drop Tom Cruise into the background of one of the pieces of art in the Operation Valkyrie title!