Last week we revealed a short extract from the first book in our new Combat series. This week we are letting you see an extract from the second book in the series - Combat 2: Union infantryman vs Confederate Infantryman - Eastern Theater 1861-65 which comes out in September. This extract includes the contents page from the book to give you an idea of how the book is broken up and what extra information you can find within the pages of Combat, before going on to give you a look at how we will compare and contrast the fates and performance of troops in particular engagements.

Each Combat title will analyse troops at 3 major engagements (though in some cases, depending on the availability of source material there may be more engagements covered and in a few cases we will look in greater detail at fewer set pieces). This extract revolves around the third engagement featured in Combat 2 - Chaffin's Farm / New Market Heights on September 29, 1864.

It shows off some more aspects of the books that were not revealed in the previous extract, including one of our battle maps and the new soldiers-eye-view artwork which shows the battlefield at the same moment in time from the perspectives of both sides - complete with an extended caption that will be familiar to fans of the Campaign series.

Written by Ron Field and illustrated by the fabulous Peter Dennis, Combat 2: Union Infantryman vs Confederate infantryman - Eastern Theater 1861-65 is out in September and is available to pre-order now.


If you are having issues with the fancy embedded flippy page reader above (yes that is the technical term) I have worked some magic which should (hopefully) mean that you can download a PDF of the extract here - at least I hope this works... my HTML-Fu is a bit dodgy!