MLRS white logoAt Osprey we are always looking for great new military history resources, and it doesn't get much better than the original primary source material provided by MLRS Books Limited.

We've teamed up to provide a special offer on one of their latest releases, a reprint of 'Notes on the Construction and Equipment of Trenches'. It is an original pamphlet designed for the information of American officers new to Trench warfare arriving on the Western Front.

It is a terrific document that covers the basics; trench construction, dug-outs, wiring, and also the tactics involved in assaulting trenches, the occupation of craters, and the concept of defence in depth. Fully illustrated and compiled from British notes on the subject, this pamphlet is a must-have for all students and enthusiasts of the First World War!

Osprey customers are entitled to an exclusive 10% discount off RRP.  Simply follow this link  to claim your discount.  Happy reading!