Our newest series launches next month, and we thought it was about time that we gave you a peek inside the books!

Published under our new Osprey Adventures line of titles, the Myths and Legends series examines the great stories that have echoed down through time and have helped to shape our cultures. Each title in the series focuses on a specific legendary figure, such as King Arthur, or upon a collection of myths, like dragonslayers, and presents their story in a straightforward, entertaining style. Alongside the narrative is factual information about the history behind these stories and how these legends have developed and changed over time. And of course, like any good Osprey book, these titles include our trademark artwork from the likes of Peter Dennis, Mark Stacey and Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena.

The first two books in the series cover Jason and the Argonauts and Dragonslayers - the latter of which has been written by our very own Joseph McCullough - a long time Osprey employee and the man behind the Osprey Adventures series. 

This is an extract from his book, Dragonslayers: From Beowulf to St. George.

You can discover much more about the Osprey Adventures imprint - including the Myths and Legends series, the Dark Osprey series and the Infinite IF series at www.ospreyadventuresbooks.com