Final Afghan SITREP 24

Regretfully this is the final SITREP of my Afghan trip. I got home a week ago Friday 33 hours after leaving Kabul. Sad as I was to leave, the flight home was made easier by the amazing people I met on the way.  Although it’s great to be home, I miss Afghanistan and the comradeship I enjoyed being among people who are working hard to keep us safe.  Each of them is a remarkable individual and it was their acceptance of me that warmed my heart. 

As for having the trip cut short, everything had been in place for the entire 12 weeks, but within 72 hours both RC Southwest and RC East withdrew their support. No reasons where given so I was stuck having to re-book my flights at the last minute. Losing those 6 weeks threw a significant curve into my research. This week I begin planning a return trip starting in mid-August.

For a good part of May, June, and possibly part of July I'll be visiting various units across the US. These include several of the ones I was with in Afghanistan.  I look forward to spending time with the men and women in a more relaxed environment. All I pray is that they and their friends all make it back safely.

Once again, I thank Public Affairs Officers LTJG Amy Forsythe, 1LT James Bonds, and MAJ Michael Tomberlin for their terrific support. They help make the trip an experience I’ll never forget.

I wish was there was more interesting parts of the project in the works right now to hold your attention.  Your comments and support have brightened each day for me. It’s always a surprise to see how many people from so many countries have been following my simple trip.

Let's all help “Keep the Faith” with the men and women from the US, NATO, and Allied countries who risk their lives for Freedom so we don’t have to risk our own.

Stay safe,