The new Osprey Catalogue is here - well actually it arrived a couple of weeks ago, in time for our appearance at the London Book Fair - but now that things have calmed down in the office we have finally had a chance to upload it for you to have a look through it.

As you can probably tell from the cover, the most exciting aspect of our publishing plans up to the end of the year is the launch of our new series Combat, which we have spoken about at length on the blog in recent weeks. There has been a little confusion about the juxtaposition of characters on the front of our recent Combat leaflet and the catalogue, so i can reassure you that none of the books will cover British Zulu War Infantryman vs German Fallschirmjäger. At least not yet... ;-)

Other highights in our publishing range include the paperback version of Deliver Us From Darkness and a companion title to the hugely successful book on the Panther that published last year - this time we look at The Tiger (available to pre-order now!).

There is a first look at the new games appearing in the exceedingly popular Osprey Wargames line, with a companion to the new Steampunk game In Her Majesty's Name, a samurai skirmish game and a set of mythological rules (in that it covers mythological subjects, not that the rules mysteriously seem not to exist).

Osprey Adventures provide three new Myths and Legends titles, including one on King Arthur, whilst Dark Osprey serves up We Will Destroy Your Planet - a tongue in cheek guide for aliens explaining how best to conquer the earth - does Osprey Adventures editor Joe know something we don't?

Combat Aircraft hits series number 100, William Shepherd returns with Pylos and Sphacteria and the Longbow makes a long overdue appearance in the Weapon series. A fascinating combo of New Vanguard titles rumble into view (MRAPs and Railway guns in the same six month period!!?) whilst a much requested Elite title on Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces arrives.

And, finally there is a surprise Raid title in the list. Well... almost a surprise Raid title, except for the fact that Amazon cruelly gazzumped us on the announcement.

I know that a few of you have reportedly had problems viewing the files that we upload in the rather nifty viewer above, so never fear - you can also download a copy of the catalogue as a pdf here. And if you would like a copy of our entire stocklist, that is available as a very long (if somewhat boring looking) pdf here.