The New Vanguard series continues to be a firm fan favourite - and picking the titles for 2014 has been quite a lot of fun for commissioning editor Phil. As ever he has aimed for bringing as much balance to the titles as possible, with a neat combination of armour and naval subjects arriving in the year. Along with... wait... some World War I artillery!

So lets delve into the New Vanguard schedule for 2014:

New Vanguard 205 42cm "Big Bertha" and German Siege Artillery of World War I (Jan 2014)

New Vanguard 207 Medium Mark A Whippet (May 2014)

New Vanguard 208 US Navy Dreadnoughts 1914-45 (August 2014)

New Vanguard 209 French Tanks of World War II (1): Infantry and Battle Tanks (Feb 2014)

New Vanguard 210 US Heavy Cruisers 1941-45 - Pre-war Classes (April 2014)

New Vanguard 211 US Cold War Aircraft Carriers: Forrestal, Kitty Hawk and Enterprise Classes (March 2014)

New Vanguard 212 Axis Midget Submarines: 1939-45 (June 2014)

New Vanguard 213 French Tanks of World War II (2) Armored Cavalry Vehicles and Specialized Types (July 2014)

New Vanguard ??? US Heavy Cruisers 1943-80 - Wartime and Post-war Classes (Sept 2014)

New Vanguard ??? PzKpfw 38(t) (October 2014)

New Vanguard ??? Super-heavy Tanks of World War II (November 2014)

New Vanguard ??? British Light Tanks 1927-45: Marks 1-VI (December 2014)


So are you planning to track (groan) the progress of any of those assiduously? As I have mentioned in the past - this is the most accurate information we have right now, but things may happen which delay titles. Something that did not go down well with one armour enthusiast when we had to delay the release of our recent title on the Tiger - he took to the Amazon review feature to vent his frustrations...oops! Thankfully for him (and us) Tiger is out in stores now and is fantastic.