We have already revealed which books are due out in the Osprey Wargames series in 2014, but anyone who has followed our wargaming output over the last couple of years will know that alongside the Osprey Wargames series we run a number of major game lines. This of course first began with our partnership with Slitherine on Field of Glory, after which we launched Force on Force by Ambush Alley.

Currently we are working with the brilliant team at Warlord Games to bring you Bolt Action - and 2014 will see the release of a couple more titles in the collection, adding more depth to the game.

Bolt Action ?? Tank War (August 2014)

Bolt Action ?? D-Day to Germany (October 2014)


But, Bolt Action is not the only major game system that we are supporting in 2014. In fact, we have two more to reveal - and here they are:

ADF 1: Across A Deadly Field - Regimental Rules for Large Civil War Battles (May 2014)

ADF 2: Across A Deadly Field - The War in the East (November 2014)


LOF: Land of the Free: Wargames Rules for North America 1754-1815 (October 2014)


Our Wargames editor Phil will be revealing a bit more information about Land of the Free and Across A Deadly Field in the coming weeks, so keep an eye open for more details!