For over forty years, Osprey Publishing has been producing highly respected and highly illustrated books on all facets of military history. From ancient Egyptian warriors, through Medieval knights, to today’s special forces, there are few topics that Osprey Publishing hasn’t covered, and these books have become a go-to resource for role-players, wargamers, and historians alike. Now, with the launch of the Osprey Adventures imprint, Osprey is stepping outside the bounds of pure history.  First up is the brand-new Myths and Legends series.

            Traditionally, books covering myths and legends have tended to fall into two categories: children’s books, where the stories have been re-written, simplified, and censored, and heavy academic works that suck all of the fun out of the stories with a dry, critical analysis. If readers are really interested, it is possible to find the original sources for some of these stories, but these are often fragmented, confusing, and more than a little bit dull for a modern audience.

            The new Myths and Legends series seeks to recapture the joy and fascination that we all felt as children when we first discovered these great stories, but also to present them for an older, more discerning audience. Each book in the series includes both a retelling of the classic myth or legend in a straightforward, but exciting, narrative style, and an analysis of the story, explaining its place in history, its development and modification over time and its enduring legacy.

            Of course, all of this information is backed by loads of illustrations, both from newly commissioned artwork plates from Osprey’s ever expanding stable of artists, and the classical and traditional artworks that have helped keep many of these stories alive over the centuries.

            As one might expect, there has been huge debate over which topics to cover in the series and, more importantly, which to do first. To date, we have scheduled the first eight books in the series, and I can reveal them here for the first time:

Myth 1: Jason and the Argonauts (March 2013)

Myth 2: Dragonslayers: From Beowulf to St. George (March 2013)

Myth 3: The War of Horus and Set (May 2013)

Myth 4: King Arthur (July 2013)

Myth 5: Thor: The Viking God of Thunder (September 2013)

Myth 6: Hercules (November 2013)

Myth 7: Robin Hood (January 2014)

Myth 8: The Fall of Troy (March 2014)

You can find out more information about these books, and take a look at some of their covers, on the Osprey Adventures website.

             We have also just launched the Osprey Adventures Facebook page, where you can read the latest news, have a look at some stunning artwork and take part in exclusive competitions. We are currently planning on another four titles in 2014, but the debate rages on as to what those should be... If you have any ideas, head over to the new Facebook page and tell us!