The Osprey Wargames series exploded onto the tabletop gaming scene back in August 2012 (time flies!) with Dux Bellorum and A World Aflame, and the response from you all caught us a little by surprise - in fact a lot by surprise as the first two titles sold out within weeks of publishing. A mad dash (and quick reprint) later and they continued to fly out of the door! Since then the scope of the series has grown with the addition of a couple of titles that didn't quite fit into our usual military niche - Victorian Steampunk skirmish rules and a soon to be released Mythological rules set.

2014 looks to be just as exciting for this new fledgling series - and the suggestions and finished rules sets continue to roll in (speaking of which if you have a game that you think would fit in the series send it to [email protected] )

OWG 3B Sleeping Dragon, Rising Surf: A Companion for In Her Majesty's Name (June 2014)

OWG 6 A Fistful of Kung Fu - Hong Kong Movie Wargame Rules (February 2014)

OWG 7 On the Seven Seas: Wargames Rules for the Age of Piracy and Adventure c. 1500-1730 (June 2014)

OWG ? Lion Rampant - Medieval Wargaming Rules (September 2014)


Time to get those paints out then?