'Having been born into the house of a warrior, one’s intentions should be to grasp the long and the short swords and to die’ – Kato Kiyomasa (1562-1611)


This month we release Ronin - Skirmish Wargames in the Age of the Samurai a fast-paced wargame where players lead their factions through violent 16th century Japan. To celebrate this release, and to share the office fun of playing through these rules many, many times, we're giving away four sets of sets of beautifully sculpted miniatures produced by North Star Figures to support the game.

The pefect starter army, the sets reflect the turbulent and adventurous forces of Ronin, from resplendent Samurai and Ashigaru of the Bushi to the rag-tag forces of the masterless Bandits.



Ronin competition

We'll select four winners at random, and each will receive one full Buntai - a squad of 28mm figures ready to be painted and carry out your orders on the tabletop battlefield.

  • Bushi Buntai - professional soldiers who will fight to the death in the service of their daimyo (contains 9 figures).
  • Koryu Buntai - a specialist faction drawn from a martial arts school, with a skilled sensei leading his students into battle (contains 9 figures).
  • Sohei Monk Buntai - famed for their martial skill and prowess with a katana, these usually peaceful monks are formidable foes if their interests are threatened (contains 8 figures).
  • Bandit Buntai - spreading terror throughout the countryside, this lawless band of criminals, pirates and deserters are an undisciplined and deadly enemy (contains 10 figures).

To enter, just send us an email to [email protected] with 'Ronin' in the subject line, and state which Buntai you'd like to be entered for. We'll draw the winner on Monday.

If you’d like to see detailed images of the figures included in these boxed sets, check out North Star’s Ronin page.

Good luck! The Ronin wargames rules-set will be released this month.

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