We are now only three months away from the launch of our brand spanking new series Combat. It is an exciting time (and slightly scary, stressful, manic time) for everyone involved in the bringing of a new series to life. In fact, as I sit here writing this I have the final cover for the first book sitting on my desk (which I am madly checking for typos and errors).

A lot of people have put a great deal of work into bringing this series from a rough concept through to fruition - from the editors who worked up the idea, to the great people (ie. YOU!) who gave us a huge amount of feedback whilst we were polishing the concept and the designers and production team who have worked so hard to get the books looking fabulous.

A word also needs to go out to commissioning editor Nick - who together with his band of brave, pioneering authors and illustrators have worked together to create a working narrative, providing each other with valuable suggestions and sharing their ideas and concepts. You have probably already read the blog talking about how illustrator Peter Dennis offered some valuable ideas that changed our concept for the artwork content of the books - well the other illustrators and the authors all contributed similarly brilliant ideas. Thanks to you all!

Excitable gushing aside, it is about time we showed you a bit more of what you can expect from the Combat series. This short nine page extract gives you an idea of how each book will compare and contrast the opposing sides in detail, and shows off one of the two figure art plates. This particular extract only covers about half of this analysis of the different combatants.

If the funky flip page - turning option doesn't work for you (what with needing flash player, a beast of an up-to-date computer and magic hamsters to get it to work) we have also made this available as an easily downloadable PDF here

Written by David Greentree and illustrated by Johnny Shumate, Combat 1 British Paratrooper vs Fallschirmjager: Mediterranean 1942-43 is out in September and is available to pre-order now.