Although not an experienced wargamer myself, I was flicking though Across a Deadly Field a couple of days ago and was really impressed with the sheer depth and complexity afforded by the rules. Tactical competency tests, the dynamics of morale, command mechanics and so much more - I felt as though the designer had really envisaged almost every factor that would come into play in real life. 

The designer, of course, is John Hill, who penned the enduringly popular Johnny Reb game, so it's small wonder the game is so accomplished.

Our fantastic team in the US have procured a set of specially made ADF t-shirts, and we have 9 left which we'd love to give away to some passionate Osprey gamers. To be in with a chance of winning one, all you have to do is answer one simple question.

The character of 'Johnny Reb' is a personification of the Southern States and the Confederacy during the American Civil War. What we want to know from you is:

What is the name of the Union equivalent of Johnny Reb - the character symbolising the United States during the Civil War? 

Please email your responses to the [email protected] inbox. We'll pick a lucky nine at random from all the entrants!

A word of caution, though, we only have Extra-Large, and Extra-Extra-Large sizes left. The latter really are massive, but I was able to scrape one around my shoulders and wear it as a rather fashionable cape. It's a good look!

If we get enough requests, we might even post a picture of the dashing Osprey games master, Phil Smith, modelling one of the T-shirts...

Good luck!