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1.) First up is a review from top software information providers Softpedia. They gave the game a 7/10 rating.

"Battleplan: American Civil War can be highly enjoyable for those who already have a solid knowledge of that section of the history of the United States and want to play some of the battles that ultimately decided its fate.

The title holds a similar appeal to gamers who have the time and energy to try and learn more about it by reading the in-game descriptions and then trying to find more material in books and movies."

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2.) Next up, Mode Vive's assessment:

"For historical accuracy, I like this game very much. It shows a lot of the original movements and historical details, so if you truly wanted to recreate the historical scenarios it can be easily done."

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3.) Next is a Youtube review from a dedicated gamer! Complete with in game footage and commentary!

A budget-priced light wargame designed with tablets in mind, Battleplan: American Civil War has some advanced concepts at a heightened pace."

4.) Hooked Gamers

"It is chock full of great ideas underneath its deceptively simplistic exterior."

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5.) 3rd-strike.com gives a comprehensive and exhaustive appraisal of almost all conceivable elements of the game, including tutorials, graphics, sound and gameplay.

Overall, for its price, this proves to be some fun entertainment. If you’re looking for a light strategy game or want to get familiar with the genre, I’d say give Battleplan a try.

The full review can be viewed here

 But perhaps the best indicator of gameplay quality and the overall enjoyment factor are the many reviews left by gamers on the Steam customer reviews section, which can be found at the bottom of the product page