Osprey fans!

Now we know that freebies tend to go down rather well, so this is pretty good news. Goodreads, a hugely popular site for readers and book recommendations, is offering the chance to win two great Osprey titles for free! And what is more, both books are signed by their respective authors. There are five copies of each up for grabs, and only a limited time to enter...

If you are not a Goodreads member, fear not. It's really easy to sign up, and it's free too!

The first of the two titles is 'Challenge of Battle' signed by Adrian Gilbert.

The book is a fascinating re-examination of the British Expeditionary Force; its tactics, leadership and organization in the face of a very dangerous opponent amid the brutal reality of 20th century warfare.

It clears away some of the layers of sentiment that have built up and obscured our understanding of the 1914 campaign  to provide a full, unvarnished picture of the BEF at war.

 For a chance of winning one of the five signed copies, you simply have to enter! You will have to hurry, however, as the opportunity will only last until the 23rd of March!


 The second giveaway is offering up 'Letters from the Front' signed by Andrew Roberts.

'Letters From the Front' is a brilliant, shocking and moving collection of letters written by British soldiers from World War I to the present day.

The letters were all written in-theatre, and are mostly addressed to the friends, family and loved ones of the individual servicemen, adding extra poignancy.

Andrew Roberts' notes provide the perfect contextual reference for each of the entries, and the volume can be read from cover-to-cover or as a quick reference, picking one letter at a time and absorbing the intimacy and frankness in full.

You have a bit longer to enter for this one, the giveaway ends on April 20th. Nevertheless, it couldn't hurt to enter early.





Good luck!