Graham Turner is currently running a series of features on his Facebook page as he counts his way through the 50 titles he has now illustrated for Osprey - a quite phenomenal achievement. Possibly best-known for his medieval artwork, Graham has illustrated a huge range of subjects for Osprey now, ranging from 10th-century armies of the Caliphates, to the daily life of the British Redcoat of the late 18th century, British airmen during World War II, right up to his illustrations of Campaign 244 The Falklands.

In fact, we posted a snippet of his art for the upcoming Warrior 174 British Paratrooper 1940-45 on the blog as part of our September New Artwork Day - and it seems like you approved wholeheartedly of it! 

You can follow Graham's countdown on his Facebook page here. He is currently at Book 16 - which (if you are curious) is Warrior 48 English Medieval Knight 1200-1300.