What with the website coming back from the dead, and the 238th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence, there are a few things to celebrate this week. 

We hope your Fourth of July is filled with laughter, good food and general merriment.

Over the years Osprey has given the War of Independence some pretty solid treatment, But in two months time, we'll be looking at a slightly different facet - the prelude to the war.

Campaign 273, Point Pleasant 1774 is available to pre-order now. It explores the October campaign led by Lord Dunmore and Colonel Lewis against the Shawnee and Mingo tribes in the Scioto valley. 

When advance copies of this book arrive at Osprey towers, we would love to be able to give away a free copy. So we're posing a quick trivia question. Those who answer correctly , on the blog or on our Twitter & Facebook feeds, will be entered into a prize draw.

So, the question is as follows: Which famous military leader's father was killed at the Battle of Point Pleasant?