1.) Campaign 265 Fall Gelb 

Another fine piece of work from Osprey legend Peter Dennis. This image shows French men and armour firing on what must be panzers in the distance. Taken from the forthcoming Fall Gelb (2) which completes the two-part coverage of the German panzer breakthrough in the West begun in Campaign 264.



2.) Men-at-Arms 497 Armies of the Russo-Polish War 1919-21

This plate was created by Adam Hook and depicts soldiers from the Russo-Polish war. The two men at the top look like officers, while the red star adorning the hat and coat of the chap in the foreground indicates that he is part of the Bolshevik army. This book will cover a lesser-known conflict at the end of World War I - the struggle to create and independent Poland




3.) New Vanguard 214 US Heavy Cruisers 1943-75 Wartime and Post-war Classes 

We've just received the scan of this fantastic cutaway, illustrated by Paul Wright. What drew me to this image in particular is the three-dimensional effect generated by having the cruiser ever so slightly tilted towards the reader. I think it adds a sense of depth- some 2-D cutaways just look like technical drawings but here you can see how the engines are angled and how they fit into the shape of the hull. 




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