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 Osprey Adventures encompasses a number of fabulous books, from outstanding standalone gift books like The Story of Santa Claus to the exotic and exciting Myths & Legends series, all are concerned with the mystical and murky areas of human history, and human imagination, where facts evolve into legends. 

These books, and those of the Dark Osprey series which concentrates on the more macabre intertwining of history and imagination, are all subject to a delightful 25% discount for the rest of the month.

The offer extends to eBook versions of any Osprey Adventures book, and as if that weren't enough eBook edition of two Myths & Legends classics, Troy & Robin  Hood, are just 79p ($1.39) each!  

Make sure you get the most out of these offers, unleash your imagination and either start or bolster your Osprey Advenures collection!